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Lee Enfield Rifle MK4

The rifle used by Hong Kong Defence Force
Caliber = 0.303in
Effective range = 800 meters
Magazine = 5 cartridges
Weight = 4.2 Kg

Self Loading Rifle (SLR) L1A1

The standard personal weapon used by The Volunteers. The L1A1 is the British version of the Belgian FN FAL rifle. It entered into service with the British Army in 1959. The L1A1 was a reliable, hard-hitting, gas-operated, magazine-fed semi-automatic rifle, with a maximum battle range of 300 meters and a practical rate of fire of 20 rpm.

Caliber = 7.62 mm
Muzzle Velocity = 838m/s
Length Overall = 1.143 m
Magazine Capacity = 20 Rounds
Length of Barrel = 0.5334 m
Rate of Fire = 40 rpm
Weight Empty = 4.337 kg
Max Effective Range = 600 m +
Weight Loaded = 5.074 kg
Colt M16A2

The personal weapon used by EL Troop & HQ Squadron.The Colt M16A2 is the fourth generation of the M16 weapons system. The M16A2 Enhanced Rifle still represents the world standard by which all other weapons of this class are judged.

Finish = Black anodized receiver; black oxide barrel
Caliber = 5.56mm (.223 Rem)
Capacity = 30 rounds
Action = Semi/Full Auto, gas operated, locking bolt
Barrel Length = 20"
Overall Length = 39.6"
Rifling Twist = RH; 1 turn in 7"
Rifling Grooves = 6
Trigger = Smooth
Front Sight = Adjustable
Rear Sight = Detachable sight/carry handle with A2 style adjustable for windage/elevation to 600 meters.
Sight Radius = 19.75"
Weight = 7.9 lbs.(empty)
Cycle Rate = 700-950 rpm
Colt "Commando" M177 assault carbine

The personal weapon used by Regiment 2 i/c.

Finish = Black anodized receiver; black oxide barrel
Action = Safe/Semi/Auto, gas operated
Caliber = 5.56mm (.223 Rem)
Capacity = 30 rounds
Barrel Length = 14.5" with Step Cut*
Overall Length = 29.8"" to 33"
Rifling Twist = RH; 1 turn in 7"
Rifling Grooves = 6
Trigger = Smooth
Front Sight = Adjustable
Rear Sight = Detachable carry handle with integrated M16A2 target style sight adjustable for windage/elevation to 600 meters.
Sight Radius = 14.5"
Weight = 5.65 lbs.(empty)
Cycle Rate = 700-950 rpm
SA80 L85

L85, also known as SA80, was developen on the basis of the early british developments in the bull-pup assault rifles, such as EM-2 etc. Adopted for service by British Army, the personal weapon used by Assault Troop.

Caliber = 5.56 NATO (.223rem)
Action = Gas operated, rotating bolt
Overall length = 770mm
Barrel length = 518mm
Weight = 4.13kg (w. optical sight 4X SUSAT scope)The Volunteer only with iron sights
Magazine capacity = 30 rds
Sterling Submachine Gun (SMG) 9mm L2A

The SMG is the personal weapon used by service women, drivers and signalers.

The Sterling Manufactured by the Sterling Armament Co. Ltd.

Caliber = 9 mm
Muzzle Velocity = 390 m/s
Length (Butt Folded) = 0.482 m
Magazine Capacity = 32 Rounds
Length (Butt Extended) = 0.69 m
Rate of Fire (cyclic) = 550 rpm
Length of Barrel = 0.198 m
Rate of Fire (practical) = 102 rpm
Weight Empty = 2.7 kg
Rate of Fire (single shot) = 40 rpm
Weight Loaded = 3.5 kg
Maximum Effective Range = 200 m
Bren LMG

The Bren Light Machine Gun was introduced in to the British Army in 1937. The Bren revolutionised the British Army organization and equipment from the organization that had been in place since the First World War to what we know as the organization of the British Army in World War Two. Equipment was designed so Bren Gun magazines could be carried, an Infantry section always contained a Bren Group (1 gun) for local automatic support fire and the introduction of the Bren meant that tactics could have light, fast moving automatic fire movign just as fast as the men themselves could. With the Bren's predecessor, the LEWIS, this could not be done as the weight and dimensions of the Lewis meant it was not possible to carry forward an LMG in an attack at speed. The Bren gun was used in many roles from Light support in the Infantry section to a Medium MG role when used with the sustained fire tripod that was issued with every gun. It was also used largely in the Anti-Aircraft role and special items of equipment were issued with it for this purpose such as 100-round drum magazines and tripod extension legs. The Bren went into Front-line service as soon as the numbers were available. It went to France in 1939 with the British Expeditionary Force in the Mk. I version of the gun. It served in North Africa and Italy. It went into France on D-Day in both Mk. I and Mk. II versions and for Operation "Market Garden" it went in the form of a shortened Mk. III version for Airborne troops. The Bren soldiered on post war as well in .303 British in Korea, Malaya, Cyprus, Aden and many others. It was then converted to 7.62mm Nato with the introduction of the L1A1 Self-Loading-Rifle and the FN MAG General-Purpose-Machine-Gun and the Bren became the L4. It saw action in Northern Ireland, the Falklands and the Gulf War. It is still in use with second-line units and the Territorial Army today. A service history of over 60 years!!

Manufacturer = Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield Lock
Calibre = .303 inch British
Length Overall = 1,150mm (42.5 inches)
Weight empty = 10.15kg (22.38lb)
Barrel = 635mm (25.0 inches), 6 groove Right Hand
Feed system = 30-round detachable box
Rate of fire = 500 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity = 731 metres per second (2,400 ft/sec)
General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG)

The General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) can be used in the light role but is more normally used in the sustained fire role mounted on a tripod.The weapon is operated by a two man team.The GPMG can be used at Battalion level in the fire support role. MAG, designed in 1950's in Belgium by famous Fabrque Nationale (FN), Herstal, is adopted by more than 20 countries, including USA (under designation M240), UK (L7 GPMG), Israel, India, Sweden. MAG is gas-driven, belt-fed machinegun. Gas drive has 4 position gas regulator. All MAGs and its derivatives have quick interchangeable barrels that could be swapped in battle environment. MAGs are truly universal MGs, available as infantry support weapons on light bipod or on heavier tripod, as vehicle weapons, turret or pintle mounted, primary or co-axial or air-defence.

Range (Light Role) = 800m
Range(Sustained Fire Role) = 1,800m
Weight = 10.85 kg on bipod, 21 kg on tripod
Length = 1250mm/49.20"
Firing Rate = 700-1,000 rpm
Round = 7.62 x 39mm NATO
Type of Fire = Full Automatic
Muzzle Velocity = 853M/sec, 2,800ft/sec
Magazine Capacity = belt fed
Browning .3 inch Machine Gun

The Ferret Armoured car standard weapon.

Operation = Fully automatic, recoil operated, air-cooled
Caliber = .30 (7.62 mm)
Ammunition = Ball M1; 174 gr bullet, 50 gr charge
Muzzle velocity = 853.4 mps (2800 fps)
Capacity = 250-round belt
Weight = 18.5 kg (41 lbs) with tripod
Overall length = 104.1 cm (41 in)
Rate of fire = 400 to 550 rounds per minute
Effective range = 1000m (1100 yds)

Remington M870 Shortgun

The M870 shotgun, used by the volunteer for internal security, is a manually operated, magazine fed (tubular), pump-action shoulder weapon.

Length of Shotgun = 39 inches
Length of barrel = 20 inches
Magazine capacity = 4 rds
Browning 9mm semi-automatic Pistol

The 9mm Browning pistol is the personal weapon for Squadron commanders and above.

Type = Single Action
Chambering = 9mm Parabellum
Length overall = 200 mm
Barrel length = 118 mm
Weight = 885 g
Magazine = 13 rounds


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