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Clubhouse Fixed Activities below are not accept any bookings except approval.
1.) Directors Meeting : 1st or 2nd Monday of each month
2.) A Squadron : 1st Thursday of each month
3.) B Squadron : 2nd Tuesday of each month
4.) D Squadron : 1st Tuesday of each month
5.) HG Squadron : 2nd Thursday of each month
6.) HQ Squadron : On request
7.) J Corp Old Boys : 1st Friday of each month
8.) C Squadron : 3rd Friday of each month
9.) VA Shooting Club : 3rd Thursday of each month
10.) 7 Up-Club : Last Friday of each month
11.) Monthly Gathering : 3rd Tuesday of each month

What's News

Commemoration of Victory Day at the City Hall Shrine - 17 August 2014 (Sunday)

The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) Association is assisting the Hong Kong Prisoners of War Association to hold the Annual Commemorative Service to remember to those who gave their lives in, or whose lives were shortened by, the Defence of Hong Kong during the Pacific War.

The Programme of the Ceremony is as follows :-
1015 hrs - Members Assemble inside the City Hall Low Block Lobby.
1045 hrs - Participants Assemble.
1050 hrs - Official Representatives, Veterans and Members of the Association form up in Front of the Shrine.
1100 hrs - Two minutes silence, followed by the Last Post.
This is followed by the laying of wreaths by the Official Representatives and then the laying of flowers by individual Veterans. The Ceremony ends with the Reveille.
1140 hrs - Presentation by the Consul General of Canada in Hong Kong and Macao at the City Hall Low Block Lobby.
1155 hrs - Coach leaves from in front of the City Hall for the Clubhouse in Happy Valley.(Priority will be given to senior members and guests).
1210 hrs - Refreshments in the Clubhouse.

Dress - Dark lounge suit or Regimental blazer with Regimental / Association tie, medals and beret with cap badge.

All Members are encouraged to attend and to arrive before 1030 hrs.

Print and fill in the reply slip and return it by post, fax or e-mail before 12 August, 2014 if you wish to take part in the ceremony and/or the refreshments in the Clubhouse.


Annual General Meeting and Association Annual Dinner – 29 August, 2014 (Friday)
協 會 週 年 大 會 及 會 員 週 年 聚 餐 – 二零一四年八月二十九日(星期五)

The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) Association, 2014 Annual General Meeting followed by Association Annual Dinner (with a Chinese menu) will take place on Friday, 29 August, 2014 at 1900 hrs at the Craigengower Cricket Club (CCC), No 188, Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong.
皇家香港軍團(義勇軍)協會,協會週年大會及會員週年聚餐於二零一四年八月二十九日, 星期五晚上七時,假座香港跑馬 地黃泥涌道一百八十八號,紀利華木球會宴會廳, 舉行會員週年大會。其後舉行中式晚餐。

The cost of the dinner (inclusive of beer and soft drinks) will be $250 per person for members and spouses (the Association will subsidize $50), and $300 for Non-Members and guests. 費用:會員及配偶每位貳佰伍拾元(協會已津貼每位伍拾元),非會員及嘉賓每位三佰元(晚餐包括餐飲啤酒及汽水)。

Mahjong will be available (free of charge) from 1600 hrs onwards. 免費麻雀娛樂由下午四時起舉行。

Please fill in the Reply Slip and send it to the Association, with your cheque by 18 August, 2014. Cheque should be made payable to " THE ROYAL HONG KONG REGIMENT (THE VOLUNTEERS) ASSOCIATION ". Dinner coupons can also be obtained from the Clubhouse (cash or cheque) after 22 August.

請填妥回條,並於八月十八日前連抬頭支票付 "皇家香港軍團(義勇軍)協會 "寄回本會。餐券亦可於八月二十二日後在會所直接購買。

Dress: Jacket and Regimental / Association tie for gentlemen. Appropriate dress for ladies. 男士請穿西裝及結上義勇軍/協會領帶。 女士請穿相應合適衣著。

Print Reply slip for Dinner / Print Director Nomination Form / Print AGM Proxy Form


Notice to all member

As informed by Hong Kong Jokey Club due to the maintenance of lifts to 9/F of VA Clubhouse will be suspended from July to August 2014.

All members access to/from the Clubhouse, please use the lift to 8/F and walk up/down by the staircase.


Notice to all members – VA Members parking at Hong Kong Jockey Club

Arrangement was made with Hong Kong Jockey Club for members parking at the Basement of the Jockey Headquarter (entrance from Wong Nai Chung Road) from 1800 to 2200 hrs. (subject to spaces available).

Permission allow for members parking must be informed one day in advance to the Clubhouse Manager by email at with information in the message of Car Plate Number, VA Membership Number, Full Name, Mobile Phone Contact, Date and Time for parking.


Notice to all members : 2014 Annual General Meeting and Dinner

The 2014 AGM and Annual Dinner will be held on " Friday 29 August, 2014 " This is one week earlier than the usual first Friday in September.
The venue will be the same as previous years at the Craigengower Cricket Club, CCC. Full details will be circulated later


Membership Renewal Letter 2014

Download in ENGLISH version or in CHINESE version.


Association Newsletter for December 2013 latest issue.

Download the Newsletter


Sterling Silver Regimental Ring

An adjustable Ring sale by order for members and friends who are interested to place order.
Payment in advance by fill in the order form at HKD300 each and send back to the Clubhouse at P. O. Box 47296, M.H.P.O., Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
Cheque draw payable to " The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) Association ".
Once the order is confirmed will inform by e-mail or mobile phone.

See attached files for viewing the Ring and fill-in the form for ordering.


Board of Directors for the year 2013-2014

Congratulation to the members below as elected at the AGM 2013 as Board of Directors to continues support the Association in the coming year.
Names of The Board of Directors are as follow :-
1.) Mr. CHAN Ho-yim, ED
2.) Mr CHAN Yiu-wah Kevin

3.) Mr. CHUNG Kin-keung ED
4.) Mr. KEUNG Pak-chung, MBE ED
5.) Mr. LAI Ka-kui
6.) Mr. LAM Ping-wai, Albert, MBE
7.) Mr. LEUNG Chun-chung, MBE ED
8.) Mr. NG Che-wa, Jackie
9.) Mr. PAU Chi-leung, Joseph, MBE ED
10.) Mr. Ron D. TAYLOR, MBE TD ED
11.) Mr. WAN Shun-shing
12.) Mr. WONG Shiu-wah
13.) Mr. WONG Siu-wing
14.) Mr. WONG Wai-man, Matthew ED
15.) Mr. YUEN Man-kam, Bernard



Use of Personal Data held by the Association

1. With the introduction of the Personal Data (Privacy) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 the Association wishes to ensure that all members are well informed of the use of their personal data by the Association. This data includes their addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

2. The Association will continue to use the data of its members for the purposes of the Objectives of the Association and for advising member of activities and the like to be undertaken by similar organisation which include:

a. The Association's Branches
b. The Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen's Association
c. The World War II Veterans Association
d. The Royal British Legion
e. The Hong Kong Prisoner of War Association
f. The Hong Kong Adventure Corps and other uniformed youth groups.

3. The Association will use your personal data only for the above purposes. Personal data collected will not be sold, traded or rented in any form or through any means to other parties. The Association will not pass details of the personal data held to a third party without the consent of the individual whose details are being passed.

4. Any member who wishes the data on him, or herself, to exclude any of the above shall communicate the fact to the Association's Club House Manager who will make a record of the fact.


UK Armed Force Veterans Badge message up-date

Would those members, who applications for the UK Armed Forces Veterans Badge could not be processed as the members did not have their Regimental Number and Dates of Service, please reapply through the Club House Manager. The discovery of certain records of service for members of the Regiment, who were discharged prior to the Regiment's disbandment, could enable the application to be processed now.

The application form can be found at Application for Armed Forces Veterans Badge Updated


Notice to All Members

Thank you for supporting our Clubhouse.

As confirmed by the Board of Directors with effected from 01 September, 2011 until further notice.

The contribution to use of the Clubhouse will be increased at $500 for 4 hours, equipments and overtime charges are remain unchange.

By Order of the Board



New UK Badge approval list 4th Batch 2010


NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS - Regimental Associations
Volunteers remember giving one day¡¦s pay for Life Membership of the Regimental Association. That association organised the annual dinner, a families¡¦ splash night and the dragon boat entry. It relied on the Regiment for its administration and clearly this association could not continue once the Regiment had disbanded. In 1993 its members voted for it to be wound up and dissolved. Hence that association no longer exists.

At the same time a new association, with a slightly different name, came into being on a legal basis which could survive without the Regiment¡¦s support. After disbandment this new association took over some of the duties previously undertaken by the Regiment. These included assistance to Trailwalker and other charities, organising the Victory Day Ceremony at the City Hall and the Foundation Day Dinner. This new association became responsible for its own administration and the running of the club house which we did not have before. This new association is open to all ex-Volunteers, members of the old association, on the payment of a small annual fee, only HK$200 per year. This fee goes part way to maintain the clubhouse, financing the various organised events including the Happy Hour associated with film nights.Last year this new association changed its legal name to be the same as that held by the pre-disbandment association, namely The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) Association.

3rd batch of UK Armed Forces Veterans Badges approved list
2nd batch UK Armed Forces Veterans Badges approved list below
Application for Armed Forces Veterans Badge Updated Apr08
UK Veterans Lapel Badges - First Submission Confirm issued list.

Footnote :- 1.) For those who are in this list with line crossed are not eligible.
2.) You may contact the Clubhouse Manager with Ref No. by e-mail to clarify.
3.) For those who are not shown in this list will go for second submission to UK.
AGM2007 and Annual Dinner Photos - Please link to the following web.
Photo Gallery Updated - Australia Branch - ANZ Day Parade (added) Aug07

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